6th CSD Annual Conference on Sustainable Development

Unpacking Sustainability, Resilience and Equity

28 to 30 October 2023
ULAB Permanent Campus

The urgency and complexity of the current sustainability crisis is a challenge for all. The changing climate of our current world poses challenges to practically every domain of human society, from food security to health and well-being, and prosperity. Most pressing among these concerns is the need to manage and govern our natural resources in a way that promotes equitable outcomes, ensuring that the poorest and most marginalized groups, including women and minorities, can access the resources they need to reverse the entrenched exclusion that continues to make them the most vulnerable to a changing climate. 

This interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary conference is organized by CSD-ULAB, and, like in the past five years, will bring together local and international experts from across the globe to have meaningful explorations of cross-sectoral and cross-boundary solutions, provide a platform for accelerating innovation, engage with both public and private actors, and foster an inclusive space for collaboration and transformation – within academia and beyond. The focus of this year’s conference is on a number of interconnecting issues – climate change, blue growth, equity, mental health and well-being, resilience and sustainable education.

We always believe that working in collaboration is the only way we can effectively address sustainability challenges and this year we are partnering with several of our local International Projects Partners- Engage, NOCRISES, V2V, and with local and international Partners – Sajida Foundation, University of Waterloo, BRAC University, ICCCAD and ZMT Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research.

Objectives of the Conference

  • To serve as an incubator for sharing current research and knowledge and to facilitate the uptake of these into practice at the local, national and international policy levels;
  •  To address key knowledge gaps and solutions;
  •  To promote collaboration and partnerships, and
  •  To stimulate uptake of the science into policy and action

This interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary conference has a clear focus on public policy impact, identifying cutting-edge research with clear and urgent implications for the current national and international policy debate.