1. The Environmental Sustainable Development Goals in Bangladesh

Edited By Samiya A. Selim, Shantanu Kumar Saha, Rumana Sultana, Caolyn Roberts

2. Resilience in Action: Challenges and Solutions to Climate Change in Bangladesh

By Samiya Selim (Editor) Basundhara Tripathy (Editor) Meherun Ahmed (Editor)

Pemberton, S., Tripathy Furlong, B., Scanlan, O., Koubi, V., Guhathakurta, M., Hossain, Md. K., Warner, J., & Roth, D. (2021). “Staying” as climate change adaptation strategy: A proposed research agenda. Geoforum, 121, 192–196. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.geoforum.2021.02.004

The project aims to understand plural accounts and interpretations of the Sundarbans’ ‘riskscape’ produced by state and non-governmental actors and diverse members of the local communities. It seeks to support situated adaptive practices that enhance social resilience through experiments in inland fishing and integrated farming based on transdisciplinary engagement across the political boundaries of the Sundarbans.

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