Emilie Crémin

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, School of Social & Environmental Sustainability, University of Glasgow

I am a Doctor of Geography with a background in environmental geography and ethno-ecology based on extensive field experience in South and Southeast Asia. I defended my PhD on community adaptation to flooding and erosion in Brahmaputra floodplain, Assam, North East India in 2014. I’m conducting research on community engagement in river and coastal ecosystems management, multi-hazard risk assessments with a critical approach and integration of local knowledge into environmental policies. My goal is to support communities in harnessing their knowledge to support sustainable agro-ecological practices in floodplains and coastal areas. I have an experience in project coordination on river management in the Dordogne basin (France) and as leader of the risk assessment working group within the UKRI hub GCRF Living Deltas. I enjoy organizing activities with communities using participatory mapping that I digitize and combine with satellite and statistical data in a GIS. I also make documentary films with the communities to make their voices heard.